6 Vital Tips for Increasing Traffic to Your Blog


To get many visits, page views and comments is not impossible to achieve, but it requires absolute dedication and hard work. You may not achieve this objective overnight, but with the following tips, you will achieve very good results in quick time.

1 – Daily or Frequent Post Updates

You can have many people willing to read everything you write until you get a stable flow of the visitors which comes from referrals and search engines, especially Google. You have higher chances of ranking your blogs better if you update it frequently, ideally every day, if not possible a few times a week is fine.

2 – Photos, Pictures and Videos

Use of photos, images and videos of good quality make your blog look very attractive while you also have exposure to get rankings in images and video search engines as well. It is even better and preferable if you have your own created images and videos. Images and videos also become viral which ultimately increase traffic.

3 – Use Social Networks

Share your post on various social networks mainly Twitter and Facebook. The popularity of social networks is growing rapidly every day and you must use this source.

While sharing content, avoid merely copying and pasting but add some interesting statement which can grab the attention of users and they feel compelled to make a click on your shared content. As per Google’s latest changes, the content with higher number of shares will have better rankings in search engine result pages.

4 – Apply SEO

Place targeted keywords of your article in title and few times in text, but don’t abuse the use f keywords for the reason that Google puts a penalty on unnecessary repetition of keywords. You can also use the keywords in tags or labels and highlight them in text with bold, italics, underline or some color.

5 – Get Involved in Blogs, Communities & Forums

You must involve yourself in online forums, communities and blogs and makes comments so that the other people get to know your views. When you make an opinion on some else’s blog or forum, you should leave a link to your own blog.

6 – Audience Engagement

A blog is zero without audience, so you must commit to this aspect and respond to feedback, create content which meets with their expectation. In order to know and find what your audience is most interested in, using Google Analytics or some similar tool for finding statistics is necessary. Take notes of the facts as from where the majority of your traffic comes and what your most read articles are to make better strategies for more flow of traffic.


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